Marco Resmann „Olympia“

Artwork on Blaenks

To be honest, we recorded Marco Resmann doing some funny sports in our studio almost a year ago. But the track and the video just didn’t get together. Many frustrating hours and eventually the release itself went by – but no video was in sight. Marco did not get mad at us instead we decided that whatever track he puts out next with the same bpm is gonna get the video. After a bit of philosophizing Marco called the track Olympia and put it out on Pokerflat Recordings. Funny side story: As a marketing gag we organized a little get together of some sporty guys and girls in Rio and also called it Olympia. Its getting quite a bit of media coverage. I think this sport event is actually going viral…

Pete Oak „Celsius“ – Video by Max Nova

Artwork on Blaenks

A little while ago we had the pleasure working with Brooklyn based Max Nova of Dawn Of Man / Sick Visual. He shot, directed and edited a super tight CLUBVIDEO. On the other side of the big pond he developed a visual aesthetic not very far from ours. It was super exciting to give away control and see him perform his magic. The fashion labels AC BY and HOERTINGERSOLAK put their latest work around Anna & Cecilia. I have to admit, that to me (Kristian) it is always a secret pleasure to see the little love/hate tension between the designers and the models… And then there is this girl we just looove: Anja Kieselbach. We are not only super thankful for her work, but also the atmosphere she brings to the set. Applause also to my girl Tilda – she pulled this one off the ground, production-wise. The track this video is edited to comes from the amazing Pete Oak. His latest release ‚Celsius‘ on Stil vor Talent comes as a 3 track EP and no kidding – we had a super hard time picking one track.

„Moloch“ – an interpretation of „Howl“ by Allen Ginsberg

Artwork on Blaenks

This poem has accompanied me since my teenage years. Words that go beyond – and have not lost any relevance. After the events of ORLANDO it is even more important to strengthen the gay community. Our video HOWL is a hommage, a tribute to Allen Ginsberg – thanks Sam Simon, Derek Nowak, Felix Isenbügel and Nico for making this clubvideo possible. We cannot wait to see you dance to this at our upcoming gigs. Happy Pride weekend!

Blaenk Minds live at Verboten / New York

A sweet set we played at VERBOTEN / New York. Its a bit of a rough cut thru some of our videos and how they look in the gorgeous screen setup they have. We need more clubs like this!


BLÆNK MINDS first DJ / VJ set (just a short excerpt from our gig at Verboten New York with „Party by Ostbahnhof„)

1 – Linda Akosua Yeboah / Laura LangRomulo Corrêa / K_Chico
2 – Tascha MegotMaestro – Mechant
3 – Bobmo – i want you
4 – Vera KochubeyMove D & Namlook – Footer
5 – Maison C.C.Mr Oizo – Ovoma
6 – Cowboy Rhythmbox – Rattle
7 – Nico Stinghe / Paulina Grochowska, Cecilia Nolleau, Julika Wuttke / Autotune – You
8 – Twisted TalentsNico SutorKim Wibbelt / jonathan meissner / Deadmau5 vs. Burial