Martin Eyerer – RUN / STOP (Clubvideo „Metamorphosis“ by Blaenk Minds)

Artwork on Blaenks

METAMORPHOSIS is the transformation of a state. The woman is more than her outer appearance, the role she incarnates. She struggles for being who she is, understanding her inner self and yield it to the outside. A constant process of change.

Blaenk Minds is a DJ team. For each track the duo plays they produce a video. Each video is a collaboration of different artists.

Martin Eyerer returns to Rejected to fly solo and follow up his popular 2015 outing The Metro with two fresh productions, Run Stop and Troja. The lead track Run Stop with its commanding vocal is a hypnotic tech tool with its mesmeric and metronomic beats and shadowy synth chords enticing the listener.

Label: rejected | Music: Martin Eyerer | Video: Dorothee and Kristian of Blaenk Minds | Actress: Luise Wolfram | Camera: Ingo Brunner | Fashion and Styling: Izabela Macoch | Art Direction: Linda Alles | Idea: Arthur Banier