For general inquiries please use (like us!)
If you just like looking at pictures, follow us on instagram

if you like to collaborate with us, please write us an email to collaborate [ät] blaenkminds [døt] com. If you already have an idea, send us a brief concept and/or moodboard. If you are not sure yet, please attach some of your work or a link to your portfolio.

For booking requests please contact Michael of we the artists michael [ät] wetheartists [døt] de

Dear beloved bookers,

Blaenk Minds is a AUDIO-VISUAL DJ team. Playing audio AND video at the SAME TIME. There is no audio only or video only show. Audio and video are connected. We play music videos. Check it out!

In order to get the maximum out of a Blaenk Minds performance, please try to put as much effort into the projections / led walls / screens as you put into the acoustic setup of the venue.

Here you find a few DO’s and DON’Ts for visual setups of your venue. If you have questions, feel free to talk to us.