Blaenk Minds „Twisted Skater“ (Original + Resmann Remix)

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This video we also recorded actually a very long wile ago. Not sure if it was this year actually. Where is my brains. Anyway – For the shooting we came together with Mica and Leni from the fashion label Twisted Talents and the designer Nico Sutor. Mica and Leni brought in crazy skater girl Kim Wibbelt and she again brought in her skater gang Jonathan Meissner, Kilian Kammerer, Robin Schulz and Serkan Schlunke. We recorded slow motions of whatever madness they gave us. Jumps, grinds, curves, flips… and we gave it a smooth post production treatment. The video works with repetition and effects just like a track does. The thinking of a music producer regarding instruments, sounds and arrangements is directly translated to video.

Now the thing is, that the files where laying around and we had them edited to some track, we where experimenting on in the studio. The track evolved over time and eventually we found a label to release it: Areal Records. So track and video finally came together. We gave the stems to Marco Resmann and Areals very own Metope and asked them for a remix. Now while the two audio druids worked their magic, we gave our video to a video wizard Sam Pauwels. Not sure if i can call it „his interpretation“ or just a „weird fuckup“ – its great, watch it! Both remixes came out great. We surely prefer playing them over the original. The video remix for metope is yet to be done. Watch out. Oh and the audio u can buy on Beatport or your fav record store.

We had a friend helping us over the entire course of the shooting. Lucas – he passed away earlier this year. May he dance in the heavens 🙂