Clubvideo Workshop

We love music and we love moving pictures. Coming from a strong background of djing, producing music and directing video and postproduction, we connect the dots and continuously push the boundaries around these topics.

Social Media is demanding strong video content and upcoming, as well as established artists need to „feed the beast“ in order to stay connected to their audience. In the Blaenks Clubvideo Workshop we show new ways of approaching Video. Connecting it much closer to audio as well as redefining parameters like stoytelling, the timeline, colors as well as the spaces where video is perceived. Another strong aspect of the workshop is collaboration. How show how to rally other talent around your idea and the benefits of collaboration when it comes to marketing.

Structure / available Modules

Please talk to us regarding time frame and participants so together we can put together the right modules for the best outcome of the workshop.

1) Basics in Video (0.5 Days)
Introduction to (the differences between) Visuals, Musicvideos, Clubvideos, Social Media – and other known Formats.

2) Visuals (1 or 2 Days)
> how to mix video clips live in a club
> how to generate video content
> how to alter/remix/distroy video
> what software is avialable for that

3) shooting / filming video (1 to 3 Days)
> with the understanding of 1) how do i build a concept, plan and film a video
> how do i put together a team and how do i align the team to one vision
> the importance of concepts and moodboards

4) Editing video (1 to 5 Days)
> how to organize the project (footage, audio, communication, workflow)
> different approaches into editing
> understanding of different outputs (Cinema, social media, Club, Gallery, etc…)
> support and be available for questions during the editing process
> possible software and technical understanding

5) DJing with Videos (0.5 Days)
> how do i get / find / produce the material i DJ (Clubvideos)
> what software do i use

6) Closing Event
> Blaenk Minds (Kristian & Dorothee) Djing at an Event in a Club

Participants / Target Group:

– 5 to 100 participants
– Musicians / Music producer / DJ with basic understanding of video
– Director / Editor / Camera People
– VJ / Creative Coder / Graphic designer with basic understanding of video
– Other creatives willing to collaborate with video people (Dancer, Make up, Fashion, etc.)


– Kristian Raue (Editing / Visuals / DJing)
– Dorothee v. Winning (Production / Story Telling / Directing)
– Schall & Schnabel (Styling / Moodboards / Design)
– Max Nova (Dozent NYU / Visual Art)
– Lucas Gutierrez (Visuals / Visual Art)
– Barbara Klein (Visuals / Editing / Filming)


3 Day Workshop @ BLAENKS Headquater / Berlin (powered by Musicboard) + Event @ OHM
1 Day Workshop @ NYU (BLAENKS) / US + Event @ Verboten
5 Day Workshop @ Bangkok / Thailand (with Goethe Institue) + Event @ RCA
5 Day Workshop @ Chaing Mai / Thailand (with Goethe Institute) + Event @ Take It
2 Day Workshop @ Esmod Fashion School / Berlin + Event @ Fashion Week Berlin
2 Day Workshop @ UDK Berlin + Event @ OHM
2 Day Workshop @ BLAENKS Headquater / Berlin (Musicboard) + Event @ Eschloraque

Evoke a Workshop:

if you have access to a group of people (university, video class, mutlimedia gang) that would love a workshop like that, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We are happy conspiring with you the details of the best outcome possible.
Workshop [ät] blaenkminds [døt] com.
If you yourself are eager to have your cup filled with clubvideo wisedom, please follow us on facebook and instagram and put yourself in a positive state of expectancy for a corrensponding announcement.