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BLAENK MINDS is a DJ team, producing a video for every track they play. Every video is a collaboration of different artists.
Clubvideos are dark, flashy and edited to support the clubs atmosphere. Audio and video are not seperated – they are one.

BLAENK MINDS Clubvideo Workshop

supported by Musicboard Berlin and Serato

We are a DJ collective with love for music and film – that’s why we are bringing both together and finally into the clubs. Clubvideos are a new kind of visuals which every DJ can play or mix by him/herself.

During a 3-day workshop you are going to learn how to record and produce clubvideos, using your own track as a bais, cutting the footage and playing it at the clubs.

From the 13th until the 15th of October 2017 the BLAENK MINDS studio at Spittelmarkt will be the location of the workshop.

In collaboration with Musicboard Berlin, SERATO we will give you the Know-How all around playing your tracks and clubvideos with the Serato software live in the clubs. Barbara Klein (Native Instruments) will support us with her visual art skills.

This workshop is also directed (especially) to people who are still underrepresented in the music industry (WOC, QTPOC, female identifying, artists with handicaps, artists with migratory background).

Register now with your track till the 10th of October and get the chance:
· for a free 3-day workshop (there will be a fee of 20€ for food & beverages)
· of an exclusive clubvideo for your own track which you can release afterwards
· to learn along with Barbara Klein (Native Instruments) & BLAENK MINDS how to shoot and cut a clubvideo
· to learn along with SERATO how to play video live
· to connect with new people from the film and music industry
· to play on the 19th of October at the OHM

Requirements for your applications:
· send us your (ideally unreleased) Track
· you are playing electronic music/techno
· you have first experiences as a DJ

This workshop is also directed (especially) to people who are yet still underrepresented in the music industry:
· female identifying
· artists with handicaps
· artists with migratory background

Where to apply?
Send us your track till the 10th of October and a link to your DJ set/music and a short text about yourself to
mail [ at ] blaenkminds [dot] com.


Facebook Event: Link / / / Press contact: Kenny Nguyen / E-Mail: kenny [ at ] blaenks [dot] com


Marco Resmann „Glide“ (Video Edit)

Artwork on Blaenks
AUDIO „Glide“ | written and produced by Marco Resmann | Released on Upon You Records 2017
VIDEO This video is a result of a Blaenk Minds Clubvideo Workshop at KMITL Bangkok, supported by Goethe Institute
Patikhom Laphaphan Director | Gutsjung Tsk Editor | Ekarat Sonpho Cinematographer | Oy Montina Art director | Passawut Sae-lore Performance | Sukanda Piankuntot PM | Thanut Srinoi 1st Assistant
The original release you can buy on Beatport | Release Date 19.6.2017

Kaiserdisco & Karotte „Knocking Echoes“

Artwork on Blaenks

We are very happy to have Kaiserdisco back on Tronic for another EP. This time the duo collaborated with our good friend Karotte. Together they delivered two storming techno tracks. We also have a vinyl only remix from Victor Ruiz. This is the first release from Karotte in over 6 years so hope you enjoy it!

Music: Kaiserdisco & Karotte | Label: Tronic Music | Video: Pornpisut Aewungkru | Kantawalee Sreeburin | Lalita Singkhampuk | Chayanin Nusrimuang | Atikan Pojjanasenee | Simon Schmieder

Buy on Beatport | Special Vinyl Edition: decks.de & juno | Release Date: 12 May 2017

Blaenk Minds in Thailand

„Workshop“ sounds a bit dull for what just happened in Thailand. We are still mind-blown. The first clubvideos from this workshop are going to be released soon. Once they are out, go check the collaborations on Blaenks. All of them are soon to be mixed by BLÆNK MINDS in a club near you! Oh and the next workshop is going to happen in Berlin!!

Goethe-Institut Thailand | Smash tv | Poker Flat Recordings | Upon You Records | Marco Resmann | Wilde Möhre Festival | Kaiserdisco | Karotte | Tim Engelhardt | Rocko Garoni | Möhre Rekorder | EINMUSIK | Echonomist

Martin Eyerer – RUN / STOP (Clubvideo „Metamorphosis“ by Blaenk Minds)

Artwork on Blaenks

METAMORPHOSIS is the transformation of a state. The woman is more than her outer appearance, the role she incarnates. She struggles for being who she is, understanding her inner self and yield it to the outside. A constant process of change.

Blaenk Minds is a DJ team. For each track the duo plays they produce a video. Each video is a collaboration of different artists.

Martin Eyerer returns to Rejected to fly solo and follow up his popular 2015 outing The Metro with two fresh productions, Run Stop and Troja. The lead track Run Stop with its commanding vocal is a hypnotic tech tool with its mesmeric and metronomic beats and shadowy synth chords enticing the listener.

Label: rejected | Music: Martin Eyerer | Video: Dorothee and Kristian of Blaenk Minds | Actress: Luise Wolfram | Camera: Ingo Brunner | Fashion and Styling: Izabela Macoch | Art Direction: Linda Alles | Idea: Arthur Banier

„Reflection“ youANDme & The Analog Roland Orchestra feat. Black Soda

Artwork on Blaenks

With this one we let ourselves go a bit into our dark sides. The idea was to consider „lust“ as a sculpture and slowly carve it out of the flesh we put in front of the camera. The story that was supposed to carry this: Tina Dubrovsky is a photographer with a fetishy new age style. The plan was that his video is a documentary of one or two of her shootings. Now after we watch the video ourselves, we have to admit that this idea does not really jump at you… still fun to play it in clubs.

Music: „Reflection“ youANDme & The Analog Roland Orchestra – feat. Black Soda (Poker Flat)
Actors: Lale Lecter, Waynette Posch, Edna Hermsen, Marcela Mikulkova, Tina Dubrovsky, David Pimo

Oh and there is a censored version!

Blaenk Minds „Twisted Skater“ (Original + Resmann Remix)

Artworks on Blaenks

This video we also recorded actually a very long wile ago. Not sure if it was this year actually. Where is my brains. Anyway – For the shooting we came together with Mica and Leni from the fashion label Twisted Talents and the designer Nico Sutor. Mica and Leni brought in crazy skater girl Kim Wibbelt and she again brought in her skater gang Jonathan Meissner, Kilian Kammerer, Robin Schulz and Serkan Schlunke. We recorded slow motions of whatever madness they gave us. Jumps, grinds, curves, flips… and we gave it a smooth post production treatment. The video works with repetition and effects just like a track does. The thinking of a music producer regarding instruments, sounds and arrangements is directly translated to video.

Now the thing is, that the files where laying around and we had them edited to some track, we where experimenting on in the studio. The track evolved over time and eventually we found a label to release it: Areal Records. So track and video finally came together. We gave the stems to Marco Resmann and Areals very own Metope and asked them for a remix. Now while the two audio druids worked their magic, we gave our video to a video wizard Sam Pauwels. Not sure if i can call it „his interpretation“ or just a „weird fuckup“ – its great, watch it! Both remixes came out great. We surely prefer playing them over the original. The video remix for metope is yet to be done. Watch out. Oh and the audio u can buy on Beatport or your fav record store.

We had a friend helping us over the entire course of the shooting. Lucas – he passed away earlier this year. May he dance in the heavens 🙂